Ordering document

Here you can order a transcript, an official statement relating to your studies, a certified copy of your degree certificate or get an institutional verification form from another university or your prospective employer authenticated by filling the online form that makes the process easier and faster.

We can also send these documents to another institution (third-party) based on your request. In this case you have to attach the authorization form to your request. The form has to be filled in with handwriting, no graphics programs are accepted!


Academic transcript

Your transcript (Academic Record) contains all your active semesters with your registered subjects and the credit hours (lecture, seminar, practice hours), credit points, type of subject (compulsory, required elective, freely chosen elective), type of assessment (term-grade, end of semester exam, final exam) related to the subject and the grade you obtained in that particular semester.

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Academic statement

Your academic statement can confirm information that your transcript or degree certificate are not included. (e.g: Dean's letter, dates of attendance, etc.) Please note that the University reserves the right to determinate the content of this kind of certificate.

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Certified copy of degree certificate

We can issue certified copies of your degree certificate if you have the original one that has to be enclosed to your request.

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Completing verification form

You can use this form if you are required by other institutions to get their own forms completed and authenticated by our University. Please note that the University reserves the right to refuse this request.

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